MIXED BOX 4X40G£5.00

Over 8g protein Less than 160 calories


Can't decide? You’re in the right place. Here’s one pack of each flavour of our immodestly good, self-satisfied, roasted chickpeas snacks. 

Contains 1 x Curry Chickpeas 40g, 1 x Vegan Cheese Chickpeas 40g, 1 x BBQ Chickpeas 40g, 1 x Chilli & Lime Chickpeas 40g

Customer Reviews

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Myriam Lasla
I'm a dumb kid that used someone else's email to shop and sign up for tik tok

When ordering these snacks make sure to actually use your email rather than someone else's. Otherwise the person who owns the email account will leave random reviews in your name, delete your tick tock account, and have fun doing the same on the new Amazon account you created for me. Thanks kid! I'm sure the snacks taste great, too bad I didn't get to try them.

Mrs Joanne Simmonds
Loved Cheeky P's

I must admit I really did love these, plenty in the packs and lovely flavours.

Gina Yii
What a find!

So hard finding yummy vegan snacks so was very happy when I tried these! The curry and cheese are definitely a must try. Also the high protein content is such a bonus! Had these as snacks and also spiced up my meals with them by tossing into salads and Buddha bowls. Already put in my second order of cheeky ps!

Laura Reed

Crunchy and utterly delicious!

Martin Labuda
Mixed box of goodies

By ordering a mixed box I was able to try all their flavours and must say, first of all, I am a cheese guy so I fell in love with lip-smacking cheese, and second of all, it is a great snack for my diet as well. Also, I tried it as a replacement for croutons in a soup and they didn't disappoint. Must say very good all-around snack. Will definitely buy it again.